Hi, Hello, Oi, Hola, Hallo, Ciao!

I have been thinking about having a blog for a while, and I feel that since my life has been changing so rapidly, and I now have a lot to write about, it is the perfect time to do so.

There are different paths people take after college, most start working right away, others keep going on with their education and go on to graduate school, and a few of us decide to travel. I decided to move to another country.

About me  – I am from Brazil and after high school I went to four years of college in California. 

When I graduated a few months ago I traveled through Brazil to visit family and friends that I had not seen for years. This was in preparation for the next adventure of my life – Living in Europe. Without ever having been in the city and without knowing the language, I moved to Munich, Germany. 

This blog will pick up from here and report about the daily things from my life: travel, culture, life styles, and tourism. I am interested in thinking about how people live their lives and in their approaches to the questions we all ask ourselves. 
My goal is to mix my current knowledge of cultures with the new experiences I will have here. I will talk about what I do, see, and learn; hopefully with videos, pictures and some dialogues. 



One thought on “Hi, Hello, Oi, Hola, Hallo, Ciao!

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