Ich heisse Paulina…

Many things happened in these last three weeks. I started my German course, which is super hard and sometimes discouraging; but I am sticking to it.

I have done some touristic things, but I am trying to live the German day-to-day life. This way I am not worrying too much about the future and what I should be doing (and for those who know me knows how challenging this is!). I have gone to the British Garden, which is super close to where I live and I really like there. It is a huge park inside the city with a big lake, grass, bike paths, and beer gardens. It gets really full on weekends with nice weather. But my favorite part of the city is the small cafes and beer gardens with table outsides during the day and pretty late at night, every day of the week!

My life has been good and every day I get surprised by how many people move to different places either for work, school, or just out of curiosity the same way I have. Many speak at least two languages and are really accepting of different cultures and different thoughts. This is a really nice contrast to all the ignorance and closed mindedness we see in the world. Many people get too comfortable with their life and never move anywhere or change anything in their life. To me, closing yourself to what is easier and common is not the best way to live. I know this is a cliché, but there is no better way to learn about the world and about people than by traveling, and especially, by living in different cultures. It doesn’t even need to be in different countries or continents; even a temporary change of state or city will teach you things that you would have never thought about before. Well, let me stop with my life lessons for today =)

On a little side note: Oktoberfest has started, so even though I will not be going there too many days, I will definitely make a post about the festival, some pictures, and comments.

I have made a short video about Marien Platz, which is pretty much the center of Munich. It has lots of cafes, bars, museums, restaurants, and shops. I had fun making the video, so I hope you get to see a little of what I see everyday and have fun with it as well.


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