—————————- Ein Prosit, ein Prooooosit … der Gemuetlichkeit!——————–

As many may know, the Oktoberfest was raging in Munich for 3 weeks and I went a few times. The “Wies’n”, which is how the locals refer to the festival, was constantly packed, especially on the weekends. Dennis and I went to the opening parade on the first day of the festival and it was really nice and fun. I think it was even better because we were standing next to a family with two little boys, who were super excited every time something new came down the street; the clown and the ox were especially exciting. Needless to say, they did not even notice the gallons of beer and drunk people on the street all around them, because the Parade kept them entertained.

After the parade we went to the festival and tried to get a seat in one of the tents to get a beer. This turned out to be really hard, because there were thousands of people trying to do exactly the same thing, but eventually we found one. Each time going to the Wies’n it was fun – as fun as anything that involves drinking lots of beer with friends. But, to be honest, I don’t think that Oktoberfest is really worth traveling to as the only destination. It is a fun festival, but that according to many Germans it doesn’t really represent German tradition anymore (even though everyone is dressed up in Lederhosen and Dirndls). So, if you were planning on spending your money and time to travel to Germany, don’t just go for Oktoberfest. Germany has a lot other great things to see in daily life that are more interesting; and the hotel prices and airplane tickets triple during this time. Instead I think the Christmas Markets are way more fun if you are not just looking to get drunk. Well, and if you are, you can just go to any beer garden at any time and that will suffice your needs. Also, I have heard that the Karneval in Cologne during Spring and the lakes at the Summer time are way more fun and guarantee even better opportunities to get drunk.

Nevertheless, I had a great time and I thought I had to share!


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