One of Dennis’ and mine friend from San Francisco, Dennis’ aunt and husband from Miami, and his mom came to visit a month or so ago. All at the same time for 2, 3 days. Even though it was pretty cold here by then, we got to walk around, drink beer and eat a lot. Especially interesting to me is to realize how I got to notice a lot more of Munich when others are visiting than when I am living my daily life.

Also, I finished reading my book on Pacifism and Moral Philosophy. I know it sounds boring, but it was interesting enough to create some good conversations between Dennis and I and the possibility of creating a society the way the author describes. I am not going to extend too much on the subject, but one thing that caught my attention and that I always think about is how the author says that pacifism is not a resolution that will take a couple days to be done, it takes decades; however it is a possible reality if we start to apply it in our daily lives. The way society works now, with huge corporations and governments, everything seems to be out of our control (and it is to a certain extend); but if we start little by little we can try to change the way things work. I guess what I am trying to say is that it might be impossible to apply pacifist theories (or even other less extreme peaceful theories) to our society the way it works now, but nothing stops us from changing the current way how everything works and is perceived. One example would be the criminal system or how countries perceive security. It is easy to have a first reaction of violence against violence, but the author says over and over again that even though pacifism is slower and harder, it will generate better results for longer periods of time than war and violence. I am not saying that I agree with everything he says in the book, but it is definitely interesting. Ok, I will stop mumbling about this book.

Lastly, (I promise I will try to be quick), I would like to talk about culture shock. I have not yet been super affected by it since I am not here for a long time, but I have been noticing a lot on some people around me. It is funny and to tell the truth a little boring to me since I have already gone through it when I moved to California. I do get randomly mad at things here: the stores are closed on Sundays and after 8pm or when the language does not make any sense to me. BUT, the angst goes away after I go to bed and then I just try to take it as another way of life. I feel like I have been adapting here way faster than I have in CA…maybe because I am already used to moving? I don’t know, but I am glad I am aware of all the effects of culture shock, from getting sleepy when I get frustrated to loving the place all the way in one minute and then hating on the other minute or to fantasizing that everything was perfect wherever I was before I moved here. It is good that I have spent many classes studying intercultural communications and cultures to sometimes understand what is going on with me. Well, no matter what happens I hope everyone that goes through culture shock realizes that it is a phase that sometimes is important to get through and learn from. However, some people just take it as bad as they can and just cannot wait to be home and never experience these feelings again. Or, they just blame the country and see its culture and customs as inferior. Nevertheless, sometimes I do think that I do not want to go through that again, but I am giving myself some time to see what happens. After all I did want different years after undergrad.
I will stop writing, but if there is anything anyone is interesting in knowing just let me know and I will write about it, feedbacks are welcome!



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