Ein Interessantes Buch…

It had been a while since I read one of Dan Brown’s books. After the “Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” I decided that although really interesting I needed a break from his writings. And since he always followS the same writing style, I can already guess what is going to happen next. BUT, after taking a multi year “break” from “pop literature,” I came across another one of his books – “The Lost Symbol.” Even though the book does follow a constant pattern, it has interesting concepts about ancient beliefs and modern technology that are worth some more research because they really exist outside of Dan Brown’s imaginary world. I am also not an expert in these subjects, but reading about them made me connect some ideas, such as the power of our thoughts, with my own culture and family beliefs.

I grew up with many people around me believing that “ones energy” has a lot of power over people and the physicalal world. So, for example, if many people share “bad energy” towards someone and they are unaware and unprepared, this energy can affect them negatively. I always thought that the way we see life affects everything around us. Our thoughts, either positive or negative, play a role in our daily life and in our body. However, once in college and once I moved to another country, I have been loosing these beliefs. Still, since my last time in Brazil I have been trying to gain them back because I have noticed that a world without the power of our mind and emotions does not make a lot of sense.

Another interesting subject that I read in the book and looked up online is Noetic Science. I am not saying I believe it is possible or not , I am just saying that it might be worth learning about. Anyway, just wanted to get this thought out there because I thought it was super interesting. And about the book, yes, by the end I could predict what was going to happen; but oh well, it was a good read over all.


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