Spring is here!
I never thought I would be as excited about spring as I am this year. In Brazil nothing really goes by the seasons since most of the country does not really have very defined seasons. So, instead of saying “winter and summer vacations” we just say “July (winter in the southern hemisphere) and end of the year vacations.” Also because in São Paulo you sometimes have summer and winter days in the same month, I never had the feeling of “missing” a season before.
Once I moved to California that changed a little bit. There were some days when I was at the beach in December (winter in the northern hemisphere) and others where I wore sweaters in July (Californian summer nights can get pretty cold). However, all that changed once I moved to Germany. Here winter IS winter. There were some sunny days, but for the most part winter in Germany means 4 months of bitter coldness. But, now it is spring! There are flowers everywhere and the past weekend was already “dress and sandals weather.”
Then, I thought that I should write about some places to go and what to do for spring around Munich. I will start talking about sunny weekends in the parks: English Garden and Föringer See. First, the English Garden is a huge park in the middle of the city with a few beer gardens, bike and running trails, rivers and lakes, and enough grass field for thousands of people. This park is one of the world’s largest urban public parks according to Wikipedia. Either for reading a book, playing sports with friends, picnicking, or for only enjoying the sun; the English Garden is definitely a great spot in Munich during spring. And, if you want to grab a snack and drinks in between all those activities, there are huge beer gardens with Bavarian music, food and drinks for general enjoyment. For more informations about the English Garden, you should go to, it is really interesting.
Second, the Föringer See, a little lake surrounded by a park only 20 minutes biking ride from the center. This option is a WAY smaller park than the English Garden, but an awesome spot for BBQ and swimming once the heat is a little higher. From the city, you can get there by train, biking or driving. Even though there is not a lot of history involving this lake, it has a great vibe with families, friends and couples all around. If you would like to have the “naked European” experience, here is also a good spot. There is a small peninsula in the lake where people go nude and enjoy the sun. =)
Up to now, Munich has shown really welcoming and pretty during spring time. I will soon write more about the German and European Spring!


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