I love food. Everyone that knows me well enough knows how much I love eating and trying new things. Whenever I travel, I look forwards to trying the new tastes, sometimes the surprise is good and sometimes just “surprising”.

I thought of many tasty dishes I have tried, but I decided to focus on the first four that came to my mind, which I assume are either the very good ones or the “intriguing” ones.

Mango with pepper sauce – in Colombia you will find this “snack” in every corner you go. Being from Brazil and used to have fruit stands in the streets, I was more than happy to buy a bag of sliced mango while my touristic adventures in town. However, to my surprise, the mango did not taste like mango. They eat them really green and still hard and throw Tabasco and salt on top. I have to say, this was not really my taste. I like the juicy and sweet tropical mangos!! But, it was interesting to try something different.

Alligator – I went to New Orleans a couple of years after the big hurricanes and was excited to see the city and eat their Caribbean/ African/ American cuisine mixture. Apparently, because of the floods, there was an overload of alligators in the city and that’s how every restaurant started making the delicacy. I was a little scared to try, but by the last day I was already so impressed with all the other delicious meals that I thought there was no way they could ruin something. Alligator meat tastes as a mixture of chicken and red meat, but a little harder. Because they cook the meat in many different ways, I could not try them all; but my portion was good enough to get a little taste of it.

Feijoada – This is from my home country, but I could not leave it behind. It is a traditional meal that came from our then African slaves. Black beans are cooked with different parts of pork meat until everything is really soft. Then poured over white rice and stir-fried kale. Since this is a really heavy meal, it is commonly served with oranges to help with digestion. Even though I am a little biased, this is a DELICIOUS meal that you should definitely try.

Goulash – Originally from Hungary, Goulash is now all over the world. I encountered this meal when I visited Germany for the first time. Chops of red meat are slowly cooked with wine and their “special” sauce, and then poured over white rice or more traditionally, over spaetzle (a type of pasta). I also love this meal and even have learned how to cook, but since it takes a few hours, I cannot do that often.

All my comments come from my culture and life experiences, which can be very relative to other people. For example, I did not mention burritos and tacos because I have lived in California for too long and there Mexican food is part of everyday life. However, they still are delicious meals that I really miss now living in Munich. Other examples are Colombian empanadas, Germans curry wursts and so on. Also, there are foods that I love from other countries, such as Thai and Indian foods; but because I have never really been to those countries, I decided to not include them in my little list and wait until I can experience them first hand.

What are your favorite foods? Or some different dish you have tried in some trip? I’m always curious about what people eat.


5 thoughts on “Essen

  1. Rice and beans are delicious and so simple! I have never eaten Mofongo, but it seems delicious by the photos I looked at! Maybe I should make a trip to Puerto Rico next =)

  2. Pá, adoro o seu blog!! =D
    Fico lendo as coisas que você posta e dá uma saudade! E uma vontade de visitar você também! hahaha


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