Ein paar Tipps für Expats

I’m back in Munich and enjoying the last days of summer.

I have looked through some expats forums around the world to figure it out how they are organized and what are people’s worries and needs once moving to other countries. Even though I lived in California before moving to Munich, I never used any expats forums while living there because I had my family and family friends to help me. I also went to college right away, where it was easy to make friends and not a lot to figure it out.

However, once in Germany as a “non-student” I noticed how useful these forums are. For example, to find volunteer work, good German classes, work, events, and more. Of course I always tell people who move abroad that they should not just stay with the people from their own country. They should try using the new language and hang out with those from different cultures to get the full experience and eventually feel more comfortable in the new city.

If you are in Germany, a very good website to check is Toytowngermany. You can find pretty much everything here, from job listing, to daycare, to meet ups, and many forums about various topics (knitting, cooking, skiing). One think I like about Toytown is that it is very active; people are always participating, making questions and giving tips (of course a few more helpful than others). I tried to look at some other expats sites and they were hard to get around and not a lot of updates.

However, I found another two that might be helpful as well in a world scale. One is the Internations website. Apparently they have a lot of countries, so you can choose yours and take a look at what is going on. However, I’m not sure if everything is free of charge. To take part, you either have to be invited by someone or request an invitation, which they will consider and send you an email.

The other site is Expat Exchange. Here you also have to select your city since they congregate tons of countries. This site also offers blogs by users, facts about living in other countries, such as salaries and life style, and tips on repatriation, property and living overseas.

These are my fast tips for those looking for some expats websites. I’m sure there are many others out there, so if you find some interesting ones, please feel free to let me know!


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