Als ich mich entschieden habe eine Englisch Lehrer Kurs zu machen…

I might be changing the subject of my blog these next couple of posts. I think it will be interesting to post about subjects that I’m recently focusing on, such as becoming an English teacher, languages, how learning languages can change the world, cultures, education as a whole, and career options (of course). I have always been interested in languages. Not only out of a necessity because of my family craziness about traveling and moving abroad, but also because I was always into literature and cultures. A new language shows you different perspectives and a new way to communicate with others. Well, besides an improvement to your resume =) So with all this in mind, I decided to register to a six months CELTA course. With this I will have a certificate to teach English to adults. I’m super excited, but also scared. Apparently the job market isn’t super good because many language schools hire unprepared teachers for a cheap price and also because many people learn English in school. But I am positive. I feel that an English teacher can do a lot more than “just” teach English.

First, many things are learned in a language class than just a language. The articles, discussions topics, activities, and more can be chosen by the teachers/students and they will learn about politics, environment, culture, music, literature, social issues…anything pretty much.

Second, an English teacher can easily work with translations and editorial work, as well as non-language areas, such as business, administrative, and development work. English teachers (and teachers as a whole) have great presentation and people skills, as well as good writing and communication – characteristics greatly appreciated in these careers that not everyone can offer. Also, they have good critical thinking, work great with teams, know how to manage people, and are mostly fast learners (so they can learn the little details they don’t have experience with).

Third, they have a great knowledge about cultures and how to work with them. And, even though they have all of these skills, many do not appreciate them enough. I feel that because many travelers take this job as a way to make money while traveling; businesses and students are not taking the “real” professional seriously enough. Of course not only English teachers, but also other language teachers, as well as educators as a whole. In Brazil most teachers (elementary, middle, and high school), as well as many professors, do not get paid enough. And when I say enough, I don’t mean they don’t get to have the latest car in the market. I mean enough to be able to live like other professionals. Public school teachers in São Paulo are most likely to have a salary below 2,000 reais. If you can speak Portuguese, this blog carries a few discussions in the subjects of English teachers in Brazil:

And here is the website of English teachers in Munich:

What do you think about the subject? Leave me a comment and I will reply right away.


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