Wenn ich entscheide, dass mein Blog ein Fokus brauchst…

When I started my blog I thought I had a focus: to talk about my life as a post grad that moved to another continent. It is an interesting topic, but I realized that maybe I was not ready to write about all my fears, plans, and anxiety on my blog in such a personal way. I think this is a phase that I didn’t really have concrete plans for and it was hard to admit. Especially because then I thought how “everyone” could read this and maybe I didn’t want everyone to know all that was going on in my head.

All this was to say that I might have found a focus, a focus not really THAT focused, but good for now. I am very interested on people (what they do, how they feel, how they live) and I want to try to have my focus on people. Of course, this involves tons of things, but I want to somehow tie back to people.

The blogs that interest me are about people and their lives. One example of what I mean is Penelope Trunk’s blog and Young House Love (Allison gave me the tip about this blog). They are both about different topics. The first is about career planning and the latter about a couple transforming their house through DIY. However, describing them like that actually doesn’t describe them at all. They talk about failures, family life, daily life experiences they go through, the different ways in which people learn and mature, and so on.

People and their feelings are in everything, but sometimes I feel like people forget. Some focus so much on success, titles, jobs, routine, money… they forget that there are other things that matter (or, at least, SHOULD matter).  All this might sound silly, but this is my new idea: to connect everything to people.

Let’s see what happens.


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