Wenn wir ein Halloween Party haben…

Last week Dennis and I had a Halloween party in our apartment. It was VERY fun and we noticed that out of 3 parties we had in our apartment, 2 were a type of costume party. Some people just never dress up and other of course always impress me. But this realization made me think of why some people like to dress up. Well, at least some people. I tried to look up online “why do people like role-playing?” “Why do people like to wear costumes?” and so on. Surprising, there isn’t much. So I resorted to Yahoo Answer and …

Many people just think it is weird. I guess those are the people who never dress up to our parties (nothing against you if you are reading this). They cannot understand why you would pretend to be someone else for a night and if you do like to dress up, it is “because [you] don’t like who you are in real life” or “you are not happy with [your] own live.” Hmm well, maybe some people, but I have to disagree, because I’m a pretty happy person and I love dressing up. Some might argue that it might be an unknown unhappiness, but I don’t believe that all the people who enjoy our parties are unhappy, it just doesn’t seem plausible. Have you never pretended to be someone else? If you didn’t, you are missing out. Remember when we were kids and we pretended to be the TV presenter or we pretended to be a princess or super hero? It is not because you grew up that you can’t pretend to be someone else. Or maybe, you are not secured enough with yourself and pretending to be someone else is too scary and embarrassing. Someone said “you’re afraid that [it] is going reveal things about your inner self and you don’t want that because maybe it is as fragile as you secretly fear. Well step into the light kid and take a risk for once in your life. You never know, you might just like it.”

So there is still hope for us that enjoy the costumes moments: there were more positive comments than negatives. Costume parties, Halloween, medieval exhibition… are just a way to use your creativity and imagination. It is a way to put in practice all we learned in books and films. Also, these occasions give us an ‘excuse’ to do so without being judged. It is as if allowed territories where we are free from ourselves and can be like we imagine those people/creatures to be. In the day-to-day life, people normally are scared of being the odd one out and get too much attention for being different, so these occasions give them (us) a reason to get out of this situation. This way we can experiment how it is to be someone or something else. “Sometimes it is good to get away from yourself.”

Lastly, some people just do it for fun. “It’s not weird or strange just fun.” Yesterday, during our night walks, I asked Dennis why does he like to dress up in costumes, and that’s exactly what he said “just because it is fun,” just as we passed by a child dress up as an elephant =)

Do you like to dress up? Why? Give me your opinion!


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