Bodensee Urlaub – Lake Constance Vacation


Dennis and I decided to go camping for 5 days at Bodensee (in English, Lake Constance). We packed everything in two backpacks, took the train and then biked to the camping site. Dennis reserved a full spot just for us at the Camping Park Gohren. Having a whole spot for us had a positive and a negative side: the positive was that we had full privacy and the negative was that we were surrounded by trailers and didn’t get a chance to really socialize with fellow campers.

Our camping site

We biked, walked, swam, ate and more importantly, I got to finally try SUP (stand up paddling). Dennis laughed at me, but I think it is my new favorite sport because it involves water (I love being in the water) and it also involves balance, but nothing crazy that makes me being scared of breaking something. Perfect, I know. One of the days we took a boat, The Katamaran, and went to Constance, which is a super cute city. In Constance we swam in the Rhine River (I can’t see water without going in, it is my weakness) and we even found Pale Ale beer. I know that for people living outside of Bavaria that isn’t a big deal, but in Bavaria we never find other beers than the ones they produce here. In every corner there was an apple, pear, or grapes plantation. It made me super jealous of those people living in these small villages by this awesome lake that could plant their own fruits and vegetables. I started dreaming about owning my small farm and cooking in my own small restaurant with all the food I planted.

The view from the Katamaran

I feel like most the times I plan a vacation to go abroad, but I realized that sometimes a vacation next to where we live is also great. It was almost 4 hours in a train plus a little of biking. If you have a change go to Bodensee. It is very charming and perfect place for relaxing while exploring the surrounding by bike and boat. Oh and practice some SUPing =)


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